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Heather’s Blessed Journey | Passion Portraits

Blessed.  Abundantly beyond measure.  That is one the one thing I took away from photographing my beautiful friend.  If you have followed my work for any amount of time you will recognize Heather’s face.  I have been photographing her family for years, but before that we grew up in the youth group together.  She is a dear, dear friend of mine and when she approached me about doing some head shots I jumped at the opportunity.  Many of you may already know Heather’s story and to those of you who don’t I encourage you to take a minute and watch this video.

140% chance of dying.  I have heard her story time and time again and that still makes me tear up.  Her life is a testament to just how great God is!  Heather was told she wouldn’t live and here she is today.  She was told that she wouldn’t have children, but now she has four beautiful, healthy babies.  Over and over again God shows his love and mercy through Heather’s life.  Her life is truly a miracle!  She writes about her faith, family, and her work as an RN over at Heather’s Blessed Journey.  Her blog is one that I visit often.  Heather is so uplifting and her writing is truly beautiful!

EDITED:  Heather’s website can now be found at

You guys I have been trying to find the words to say for this post for over a week now and I still truly do not know how to put into words just how amazing of a human being Heather is. What I can tell you is how truly important Heather has been to me in all the years I have known her.  She is so positive that you crave being around her.  She was always there encouraging me, helping me through through those rough patches and insecurities that all teenagers face.  Still to this day she is behind me cheering me on both in my business and in my personal life.  She is one of those rare gems that if you are lucky enough to find them you hold on to them!  I have been blessed to know Heather for as long as I have, and I am so excited to see what God is doing in her life and in her ministry.  Which brings us back to this session… God is doing big things friends!!

For this shoot we took it back to the place where it all began.  This is the spot where they had the wreck and where her life was changed.  What a beautiful way to show God’s grace and his love for us!!  He took this horrible accident and turned it around for HIS glory!  Heather I am so glad you chose to go to this spot for this shoot.

Passion Portraits Tulsa Coweta Oklahoma Heathers Blessed Journey_0001

Friends I am telling you… Heather is by far the most beautiful person I have ever met!  Both on the inside and out!

Passion Portraits Tulsa Coweta Oklahoma Heathers Blessed Journey_0002 Passion Portraits Tulsa Coweta Oklahoma Heathers Blessed Journey_0003 Passion Portraits Tulsa Coweta Oklahoma Heathers Blessed Journey_0004 Passion Portraits Tulsa Coweta Oklahoma Heathers Blessed Journey_0005

I can’t wait to see where God is taking you my friend!!  I know that HUGE things are in store!!

Passion Portraits Tulsa Coweta Oklahoma Heathers Blessed Journey_0006 Passion Portraits Tulsa Coweta Oklahoma Heathers Blessed Journey_0007 Passion Portraits Tulsa Coweta Oklahoma Heathers Blessed Journey_0008

  • February 24, 2015 - 7:14 pm

    Susan Cochrane - Thank you for sharing Heather’s story, Malory. You’re a beautiful person as well as a beautiful friend. You did such an awesome job with your photo shoot. Having you there with your encouragement and enthusiasm helped in ways you’ll never know. You are a great blessing to all you meet!ReplyCancel

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