Bret + Kirsti | The Proposal

Over the weekend we got to do something very special that made my heart oh so happy.  This morning I am going to tell you all about it, but let’s start at the very beginning…

… a very good place to start.

(I couldn’t help myself.  You know you were singing it too.)

I met Kirsti through our time at Weddings of Tulsa.  She was working there when Jake and I came on as vendors and she and I clicked immediately.  She is a super talented wedding and event coordinator who has a deep love for all things southern (a love we both share).  She has been dating Bret for practically forever 😉 and we finally got to meet him at a wedding we did together summer of 2015.  We instantly loved these two together and wanted to be best friends with them!

Fast forward to Christmas Eve…

We were sitting at my in-laws watching a movie and I get a message from Bret.  I am pretty sure I high-pitch squealed out loud right there in front of everyone because I instantly knew what it meant.  He told me he wanted to propose in January and asked if I would help him out.  I couldn’t type the words “oh my goodness yes” fast enough.  We started planning and with one minor weather plan change hiccup we were finally ready to make it happen.  I loved his plan for how he wanted it… I just had to work on keeping my poker face.

I text Kirsti and asked if we could hang out Saturday and talk business.  I told her I had an idea for a styled shoot on a friend’s property and I would love it if she would collaborate with me on it.  She said she would love to and that’s when I threw in that I wanted to take her out there so she could see just how amazing it is.

I had her pick me up Saturday afternoon and we headed out there.  As we were driving Jake texted me to stall – they got stuck behind a train.  I immediately started panicking while trying to keep my game face and suggested we actually grab our coffee first and take it with us.  We sat at Starbucks and talked all things wedding until I got the ok that he and Bret were in the cabin.  I then suggested we go ahead and head out there and prayed to God that she wasn’t noticing how fast I was talking.

We pulled into the property, got out of the car, and started walking to the cabin.  Little did she know, Jake was taking pictures of her from inside…

We walk to the front of the cabin and she gets out her phone to take a picture while telling me Bret would love this place.  As she does Bret starts walking out the front door and I grab my camera out of my purse and start snapping like crazy.  Here’s what happened next….

So fun!  They are finally getting married… can I get an amen?!?!?!?!?!  And let’s just talk about how gorgeous this ring is!!!

Congratulations you two!!  We are so happy for you and cannot wait for your actual wedding day!!

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